When creating or editing a plan, you have the ability to set the 'default contract length'. This field is used to determine the duration of the plan assignment. You have three options when creating a plan:

1. Set a specific number of days. When this is done, users going through self-onboarding will be able to select the plan and an end date would automatically be assigned based on the default contract length you specified. This end date cannot be modified by the user, but can be edited by an admin.

Note: An end date will NOT automatically be added if the plan is being assigned to a user by an admin.

2. No default length. When this option is selected, users going through self-onboarding will be able to specify an end date if they wish to do so (it's optional!). 

3. Does not end. This option prevents users from specifying an end-date when signing up and forces them to select a plan that will recur automatically (monthly or annually) until they notify an admin that they wish to cancel. Selecting this will hide the option for the user to choose an end date. 

Note: These settings will only apply if you have enabled your User Onboarding & Sign-Up settings to allow self-registration.

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