NOTE: New beacon configurations are not currently being offered. If you would like to deploy beacons in your space, please reach out to Optix support to express your interest.

To access the Adoption Report in your Optix dashboard:

  1. Select Presence from the left-hand menu
  2. Select the Adoption tab

The report is split into two sections: 'Users contributing data' and 'Beacon activity.'

In the 'Users contributing data' section, you'll see a pie chart that shows the users at your venue broken down into three different groups:

Users contributing venue and space-based presence data have given their app permission to pick up when they enter your venue (via GPS/Wi-Fi) and also where they are within the venue (via Bluetooth). These users contribute the most detailed, accurate presence-based data at your venue.

Users contributing venue-based presence data only have given their app permission to use GPS / Wi-Fi, but not Bluetooth. This means Optix recognizes when they enter the venue but not where they are within the venue.

Users not contributing any presence data either have not downloaded your organization's app or have downloaded the app but denied it permission to access location services (GPS). Optix is therefore unable to collect any presence-based data from users in this category.

Below the pie chart, you'll see four KPIs. Users shows total number of users at your venue. The remaining three KPIs show reasons users aren't contributing ideal presence-based data (venue and space). To see which users at your organization are in each category, click View all -> beneath the corresponding KPI.

The final section of the Adoption Report is 'Beacon activity,' which is closely tied to user mobile adoption. Beacons will only send Optix data if they meet both of the following requirements:

  • The beacon has detected a user within its vicinity (meaning the user has downloaded your organization's app and has their Bluetooth enabled)
  • The beacon was correctly set up

If one or both of these requirements isn't met, the beacon's last activity recorded will show up in your Adoption Report as 'Over 7 days ago.'

If you believe a beacon is inactive because it wasn't set up properly, please contact the Optix Team.

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