Want to create a one-time setup fee for users on pay-as-you-go plans?

  1. Log in to your optixapp.com subdomain

  2. Select Plans from the left-hand menu

  3. Select the Plans tab

  4. Click the blue plus button to create a new plan

  5. Title the plan accordingly (Example: Pay-As-You-Go)

  6. Input the description to clarify that this plan includes a one-time setup fee and all bookings will be charged at an hourly rate when booked

  7. Skip the section to add access to spaces

  8. Leave the plan as free

  9. Click Create

  10. Next, select Users from the left-hand menu

  11. Locate the user you'd like to assign the plan to then click their name

  12. Select Plans from the side panel

  13. Click Add plan
  14. Select the Pay-As-You-Go plan from the dropdown menu

  15. Input your Setup fee in the text box

  16. Click Confirm

  17. This will create a one-time invoice with only the setup fee and register the user as a assigned to the Pay-As-You-Go plan

Note: If your venue has a tax rate, it will be applied to the setup fee on the invoice

To learn how to offer a discount on space access to users on this (or any) plan, click here.

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