To access the invoice analytics page:

  1. Click Invoices from the left-hand menu
  2. Click the Analytics tab

Invoice analytics helps you gain valuable insights into your venue's revenue stream.

In the Monthly Invoice Summary, review up to 12 months of invoices at a glance. Compare the total invoices paid to the total invoices still outstanding month by month. Hover over a column to see the corresponding numerical value.

Below the graph, you'll see your monthly snapshot.

Here, you can review four KPI's which summarize your organization's invoicing for the current month:

  • Issued & paid: This is the total invoices which were due this month and have already been settled
  • Total overdue: This is the total invoices which are more than 30 days past due
  • Due this month: This is the invoices which are outstanding, but not yet overdue
  • Expected next month: This includes ongoing payments on plans, plus any additional invoices due next month
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