Note: At this time, this feature is only available if your venue has a Microsoft Exchange calendar integration enabled.

You can use the 'Free/Busy' feature of the Optix app to schedule a meeting for a time when everyone you'd like to invite to the meeting is available.

  1. On iOS, tap the calendar icon. On Android, tap the menu icon
  2. Select Schedule a MeetingĀ 
  3. Input the meeting information, such as title, invitees, duration and preferred time
  4. Tap Next
  5. Your proposed meeting will be highlighted in green. You can change the date or time of the meeting by moving the slider, which will update the availability information for each attendee. If you would like to select a different date, you can see which days are available for your attendees:
  6. When you're satisfied, tap Next
  7. Select a room, add notes, and review the details of your meeting
  8. When you're satisfied, tap Confirm
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