To list your Spaces on ShareDesk, you will first have to configure the integration, and set which spaces you wish to be listed on the marketplace.

  1. Select Apps from the left-hand menu, then click Find new appsĀ 
  2. Click on ShareDesk
  3. Click Install
  4. Slide the toggle next to 'Integration enabled'
  5. Attach a PayPal account so that we can pay you for any bookings made through ShareDesk
  6. Select the venue you'd like to list on ShareDesk
  7. Enable the toggle next to 'Enable the option for [Venue name] to appear on ShareDesk' and complete the basic ShareDesk listing information
  8. Set pricing information (required), enable marketplace listing (required) and turn on instant booking (optional) for each of the spaces you wish to be bookable on ShareDesk. You do not need to include all of your spaces. This can be done on the Venues & Spaces > [Venue name] > Spaces page
  9. The progress bar at the bottom of the screen will change to say 'Your venue is ready to submit!'. Click Submit

Note: Once you've submitted your venue, the ShareDesk Team will review your listing and determine if you meet the requirements for your listing to be published. Within a week, you will receive an email letting you know whether your venue was approved (and is now live on ShareDesk), needs improvements (in which case it will need to be re-submitted for review after making the necessary changes), or was rejected (in which case it did not meet the ShareDesk basic requirements to list)

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