Once you have created your plans in Optix, you can assign them to your users and teams. There is no limit to the number of plans you can assign to any one user or team.

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Prior to assigning plans, make sure to select your plan settings. This can be done by: 

  1. Navigating to Settings in the left hand side menu

  2. Selecting Plans

The two settings that are available for you to select are: 

  1. Automatically create refunds for unused periods when cancelling, or changing plan subscription date by default – if you have this setting toggled on, Optix will default to automatically generating credit when a plan is cancelled or a subscription date is changed to refund the user or team for any unused plan period (i.e. days in the month not used). If the plan is a user plan or team shared plan, you can choose to override this setting.

  2. Add first subscription amount, setup fee, and deposits to an invoice – this setting will provide you with the option to either have these changes added to:

  • an invoice generated today, due on the plan start date

  • an invoice, due on the next billing date 

Assigning plans to individual users

Plans allow you to offer different levels of access to your facilities and amenities. To assign a plan to an individual user:

1. Click Users from the left-hand menu

2. Click on the individual you'd like to assign a plan to reveal the side panel

3. Click Plans and then click Add Plan

4. Choose which plan you'd like to add from the dropdown menu

5. Specify start date (required) and end date (optional)

Note: At this time, plan start dates can not be set to a date in the past. End dates can be added at any time.

6. If applicable, input a set up fee or deposit that you wish to be added to the user's next invoice

7. Set any special terms you wish to send to the user

8. Input any pricing adjustments in the 'Customize price' section

Note: You can specify a percentage or fixed monetary value increase or decrease that is applied to the base price of the plan to arrive at the cost for the particular user you are assigning the plan to.

9. If you would like the user to review and accept the plan before it becomes active, check the box next to 'Require user to agree'

Note: When this box is checked, no charges will be created until such time the plan is accepted by the user in the app. Any bookings made before the plan is accepted will incur a charge based on the rates you have set, and will not count against the plan allowance.

Note: If you chose for invoice for initial charges on the plan start date, this option is disabled.

10. Click Continue

11. Review the plan details prior to confirming to add the plan to the user 

Note: In the example above, the plan setting that has been selected is for the initial prorated amount, setup fee, and deposits to be added to an invoice due on the start date of the plan, December 13, 2019. This setting is selected under Settings > Plans.

Assigning plans to teams

The process for assigning plans to teams is very similar to the process for individual users described above. There are a few key points of differentiation.

1. Click Users > Teams from the left-hand menu

2. When assigning the plan to the team, you will need to select either Shared usage or Individual usage as the pricing model. If you have selected Individual usage you will be prompted to select which members of the team to activate on the plan.

  • Shared usage grants access to a pooled allowance. Any allowance included as part of the plan is shared by all members of that team.

  • Individual usage grants each individual team member access to their own allowance. Any allowance included as part of the plan, along with the cost, is multiplied based on the number of team members activated on the plan.

    Learn more about the distinction between the two here.

Note: When adding a new member to a team that has an individual usage plan assigned to it, the new member must be activated on the plan. This can be done by navigating to the team side panel and clicking Edit on the plan you wish to update.

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