NOTE: New beacon configurations are not currently being offered. If you would like to deploy beacons in your space, please reach out to Optix support to express your interest.

You can view a list of beacons and validate whether they are reporting data by viewing the Adoption Report in your Optix dashboard.

  1. Select Presence from the left-hand menu
  2. Select the Adoption tab. Here, the ‘Beacon Activity’ table shows when the beacons were last seen by an Optix powered mobile app. Note that users must have bluetooth and location services enabled in order to register presence with a beacon.

When a beacon has not picked up any recent data, the beacon's last activity recorded will show up in your Adoption Report as 'Over 7 days ago.'

You can test to see if a beacon is working by placing a mobile device near the beacon that meets the below criteria:

  • Has your venue's mobile app installed
  • Bluetooth is enabled
  • Location services is enabled

If you believe a beacon is not functioning correctly, please contact Optix support.

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