When assigning a team to a plan, you can choose between 'Shared usage' and 'Individual usage' to meet the needs of the team.

As an example, say we're assigning a team of two to a plan which offers 20 hours of meeting room for $200/month.

Shared Usage

'Shared usage' grants access to a pooled allowance. In this example, that would mean that 20 hours of meeting room time each month is to be shared by the two team members at the price of $200/month.

Individual Usage

'Individual usage' grants each individual team member access to their own allowance. In our same example, each member gets this plan, effectively doubling it. That is, each member gets 20 hours of meeting room time each month, costing the team $400/month.

Note: For 'Individual usage' team plans, you can clarify who on the team has access to the plan by adjusting the toggle next to their name, as well as an end date when their access to this plan would automatically end. If new members are added to the team later on, you'll need to manually switch their toggle from the default of being disabled, in order to subscribe them on the team's plan.

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